The Post-AntiVirus Era!

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Antivirus software is not enough to prevent attacks from constantly mutating MalwareRansomware, Spyware & Malvertising.

BlackFog uses behavioral profiling to prevent data loss without requiring knowledge of prior attacks.

Discover what other people are collecting on your computer

BlackFog Privacy allows you to see what applications are collecting and sending information to remote computers. This enables you to control the information flow from your computer and ensure your rights are not being waived unnecessarily.


Live updateskeep you abreast of the latest threats

BlackFog Privacy provides regular updates to its built-in rules so you are always protected against the latest threats. During the life of your subscription you will also have access to the latest release of the application.


Eliminate any tracking activity from your computer

Your computer is constantly recording information about your activities which can be used for profiling your behavior. BlackFog’s Data Privacy Software allows you to limit what information is left behind to ensure other applications cannot harvest this.


Privacy and Security are not mutually exclusive

We don’t have to give up our right to privacy to gain more security. Keeping your GDPR privacy may actually increase security. Download the  30-day Free version or buy directly in our online store: From € 35,00.

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Data and Identity Theft Protection

BlackFog Privacy protects you from both data and identity theft by blocking the flow of data OFF your device to untrusted third party servers. You can even visualize the flow of traffic on the world map. It significantly reduces your risk of infection from hackers by eliminating the attack surface area by more than 200%.

Since BlackFog does not require knowledge of prior attacks (unlike anti-virus software) we are able to offer innoculation from new variants as they appear.

Safe Browsing is assured by eliminating malware distribution through ad networks and data collection activities.

Anti-espionage activities include protection from eavesdropping through microphone notification, forensic data collection, keystroke logging and disabling third party forensic tools.

Ransomeware protection

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is the latest threat to the privacy and security of your computer. Spread through phishing scams, email attachments and malvertising, its purpose is to encrypt the files on your device and then hold them to ransom. You are forced to pay a fee to get back control of your device.

With more than 4,000 ransomware attacks per day, a 300 percent increase from 2015 it is clearly a growing trend and very profitable for hackers. Businesses in particular are faced with massive fines if there is a data breach, so the stakes are even higher. As we have already witnessed companies have little choice but to pay the hackers to get their data back. Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center announced it paid $17,000 to hackers in February after it was hit with a ransomware attack.

BlackFog provides protection for more than 24 million threats and blocks both the distribution and activation of ransomware on your device.

Online Safety & Cyber Privacy Protection

Your computer is a treasure trove of information for cyber criminals and forensics experts. It can reveal everything about you. Your likes, dislikes, financial and medical information or anything else someone may want to know.

Anti-virus and anti-malware software can only protect you from infections after the fact. But what about applications that are legitimately installed and collecting information for later analysis. These applications don’t prevent you from Phishing scams that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. BlackFog can stop these attacks in real-time and blocks more than 24 million threats.

BlackFog’s Cyber Privacy Software detects what information is being sent from your computer and is able to block potential dangers such as Malvertising, the latest threat to your online privacy.

Online Privacy
Spyware prevention

Where is my data going?

Ever wondered what your computer is doing in the background and where all your data is going? With tens of thousands of transactions happening on a daily basis it is more important than ever that you understand what is actually happening to your information.

BlackFog’s Cyber Privacy software identifies every outbound transaction and enables you to block specific applications and/or remote sites you may not be aware of.

By monitoring your transactions in real time you can see exactly what is happening and where your information is going. We even geo-locate every packet leaving your computer so that you can quickly determine where that data is going.

Automatically Delete Trace Activity

Every application you use as well as the underlying operating system collects information about what you are doing. While sometimes useful, most of this information can be used to collect your habits and provide a detailed forensic analysis of your activity.

BlackFog’s Cyber Privacy software allows you to automatically clean-up this activity. It can remove data from chat sessions, browser activity, cookies and operating system.

All deletions are performed using the US Department of Defense data wiping standard (DoD 5220.22-M).

DoD standards
Malvertising protection

How does it work?

BlackFog Privacy monitors your network traffic in real time, detecting potential problems based upon defined rules and behavioral profiles. It can alert you to potential problems such as security leaks or data collection activity as it happens.

Think of BlackFog’s Cyber Privacy Software as your online guardian that not only detects online activity but also applications that are collecting and sending data to remote servers.

As another line of defense BlackFog Privacy also removes any trace activity that might be used for forensic analysis, ensuring your computer remains secure at all times.

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