Belarc & BlackFog – Small Business Edition Package Deal

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Systems Management, Software License Management and anti-Ransomware/privacy protection now also for smaller companies in 1 package deal.

  • software and hardware assets
  • Ransomware protection
  • vulnerabilities
  • Ad-blocking
  • user privileges
  • Protects against malvertising
  • encryption status
  • anti-spyware
  • anti-virus status
  • USB-device usage
  • Changes in software and hardware
  • CIS & NIST compliant


Price: 50 computers – 1 year incl. support.

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Belarc & BlackFog Small Network Package Deal – 2 products in 1 package

Product 1: Belarc BelManage

Software License Manager now also for smaller companies. Belarc BelManage is of course there not just for big companies. Smaller companies want to reduce costs for software licenses and maintenance.

BelManage allows users to simplify and automate the management of all of their desktops, servers and laptops throughout the world, using a single database and Intranet server. BelManage automatically creates an accurate and up-to-date central repository (CMDB), consisting of detailed software, hardware, and security configurations.

The Small Network Package consists of the following:

  • Base System, consisting of server software and fifty (50) client licenses.
  • Change History module for fifty (50) clients.
  • Twelve months of maintenance including support and all major and minor product updates.

Product 2: BlackFog Privacy

The Small Network Package consist of the following:

  • 50 client licenses BlackFog Privacy for windows or MacOS.

BlackFog Privacy keeps your computer safe from prying eyes ensuring you are fully informed about the information flowing in and out of your computer. It is designed to protect your online and offline privacy using real-time threat detection and blocking.

BlackFog takes privacy seriously and gives you a whole new perspective on the data flowing from your computer. It provides:

  • Ransomware blocking
  • Spyware Blocking
  • Real-time removal of online advertising, data collection and profiling
  • Forensic data removal
  • System privacy lockdown
  • Microphone activation notification

The application is customizable using its built-in ruleset which is constantly updated with new threat defenses as they are released. The product operates in the background and provides a dashboard summary of its findings.

In addition, BlackFog Privacy is also able to securely remove any trace activity from your computer using Department of Defense data wiping standards.

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windows 10, windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1


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