Modernize Your HR Service Management

Shift focus from mundane HR administrative processes to strategic high-value people initiatives such as employee retention and workforce planning.

ITAMSoft HR Service Management

A Modern Approach to HR Service Management

Streamline Onboarding & Transition

Increase HR team productivity by streamlining and automating tactical employee lifecycle processes such as onboarding, off-boarding, transitions, role changes, relocations and terminations to enable HR personnel pivot their focus and time on strategic people-driven initiatives such as talent retention and employee development.


Help Employees Help Themselves

Heighten HR efficiency by offering employees a flexible self-service portal to access all necessary HR information in one place such as vacation policies, company guidelines, expense policies, employee benefits and how-to guides. Create a robust knowledge base to help employees find contextually-relevant answers and save the HR personnel time from solving the same problem twice.

Standardize Request Management

Improve HR experience by standardizing employee request management process with an intuitive service catalog that offers a smart, hassle-free way of requesting pre-defined HR services that employees need to be effective. Automate reporting and workflows to auto-assign ticket requests to the right HR representatives or groups and setup multi-level approvals.


Strengthen Data Confidentiality

Nurture employee trust and privacy in the form of custom access rights and controls across all employee information entered and viewed within the organization. Configure and define role-based employee access to all data and documents with customisable security protocols and access settings to ensure that only relevant people can view, edit, add or delete certain data.

The Freshservice Advantage


Easy Customizable Setup

Setup and configure at ease with a modern and intuitive UI that requires minimal to no training

Multi-channel Support

Automate tasks and provide support for issues raised via email, self-service portal, phone, chat, or in person.

Information At Your Fingertips

Setup and configure at ease with a modern and intuitive UI that requires minimal to no training

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