Products: LOGINventory8

LOGINventory8 Free for the inventory of up to 20 assets.

LOGINventory is the best IT Asset Management Suite for Network Inventory, License Management, Cost Management and IT-documentation.

For the inventory of up to 20 assets download our free trial version. Additionally, you have the possibility to request a 30 day trial license for your network size after the download. The unlimited inventory of more than 20 assets requires a commercial license, which cannot be used in conjunction with the trial version.

LOGINventory 8 including Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express Edition

Recommended for all new customers and testers and for the upgrade from LOGINventory7. We install the free Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express Edition during setup and configure it so that you can get started right away. By the way, this database is also suitable for productive operation.
This version can also be used to upgrade an existing SQL Server 2008 /2012 Express to version 2014.

Recommended operating system: Windows 8.1 and higher, or Windows Server 2012 R2 and higher.

LOGINventory requires .NET Framework >= 4.5.2

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