LOGINventory is the premium solution for Network Inventory, License Management and IT Documentation. As a fully equipped IT Asset Management Suite, it delivers a total overview of your IT components and is a reliable License Management solution for your Software Asset Management (SAM) based on its high-class Hardware and Software Inventory.

IT Asset Management

for Administrators

LOGINventory is your tool for hardware and software inventory with extraordinary data quality and speed both for physical systems and virtual structures. A software rollout is in principle not necessary. The tool’s agentless mode of operation provides detailed insights in networks of arbitrary size.Unique, innovative features, such as inventory of devices outside a LAN (e.g. laptops or DMZ servers), provide a base for a broad IT asset management (ITAM) that works local or across locations.

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License Management

for Software Asset Managers

LOGINventory’s license management allows you to analyze and interpret your software inventory with maximum reliability and minimum effort. You can control and organize your software stock and always be prepared for the next license audit. Our software asset management (SAM) solution can manage your license requirements by representing all current metrics. Even virtual structures can be mapped smoothly. Quickly, our SAM tool will lead to substantial savings through license optimization.

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Cost Management

for IT Managers

LOGINventory is your software for IT documentation and license administration. It enables you to spot possible savings that exist because of over-licensing. Furthermore, our solution promises legal certainty by preventing under-licensing and guaranteeing compliance. Its extraordinary data quality ensures total transparency inside your IT landscape and detects unauthorized access by shadow IT. The simple license model allows you to fully achieve cost transparency. LOGINventory will pay off.

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LOGINventory7 Best in Test in com! Professional 2016

LOGINventory7 is best in test in German speaking magazine “com! Professional”. LOGINventory wins and could convince with its almost complete feature list and its thoroughness in gathering data. Buy directly in our store: From € 200,00 incl. 1 Year support.

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