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Inventory of the Whole Network

Based on the comprehensive inventory of your network, LOGINventory provides you as administrator with an automated and detailed overview of all assets you need for the management of individual server systems, complex IT infrastructures or entire data centers. Our network inventory accompanies you optimally in the procurement, installation, configuration, operation, maintenance and servicing of your network components and is the basis for a reliable IT documentation and license management for your company.

The network inventory of LOGINventory is agentless and covers Windows computers, Macs, Linux and mobile devices as well as all SNMP-enabled devices such as printers and switches. This gives you a complete overview of the entire hardware and software in your network.


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Which data does LOGINventory collect?

Depending on the type of device, different data are available for evaluation. For example, a MAC address table is available for switches, but no software inventory.

Hardware Inventory

The following values, for example, can be read from the IT inventory of your network:


Software Inventory

By collecting data from clients and servers, the following information about the existing software can be displayed:


Scan of the Configuration

The IT inventory of all network components shows the status of firewall, antivirus and antispyware as well as the following data:


User-Related Data

LOGINventory can display a variety of user account-related information, which simplifies user management considerably:


How to Inventory?

LOGINventory offers different methods to collect all data so that all details from your company’s network are available for evaluation. All methods follow one goal: Simple, automated information retrieval from all relevant devices.


Agentless Network Inventory
LOGINventory can e.g. use IP address ranges to scan the network agentlessly and collect all information. For this purpose, the device to be scanned must support a remote interface (e.g. Windows APIs, SSH, SNMP) and an account must be stored in LOGINventory that has the right to query the data. These scans can be automated, so that depending on the time schedule, the acquisition is fully automated and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Acquisition via Logon Script

Alternatively, the data can also be captured using a logon script without an agent. For this purpose, only the call of a scan file has to be positioned in the logon script of the computer. Then computers are captured in the user context as soon as a user logs on. The data transfer takes place automatically.


Agent-Based Inventory of Laptops Outside the LAN

In order to inventory laptops of field staff in off-site locations without a VPN connection, LOGINventory can record the computers with the help of an agent and transfer the data e.g. via HTTPS.

Acquisition via USB Stick

Particularly suitable for one-time recording: By executing a scan file that is copied to a USB stick, devices are scanned in approximately 30 seconds. The collected data can then be imported into the corresponding database and made available for evaluation.


How can the Inventory Data be Evaluated?

For the efficient management of your company’s network, it is essential that you get the data you really need quickly and easily. Our software solution provides various evaluation options for this purpose.

Benefits of Network Inventory with LOGINventory

  • Minimum installation and maintenance effort due to agentless operation

  • Quick overview of your entire network through hardware inventory and software inventory

  • Create your own queries/evaluations to keep track of the information relevant to you

  • Log changes to hardware and software, e.g. to support the helpdesk

  • Linking of documents and own properties with the devices

  • Basis for IT documentation and license management


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