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Netwerk Inventory and IT-Documentation

Complete Hardware and Software Inventory: Document your IT Landscape

Based on the extensive inventory of your network, you will receive detailed information that support you in operation and maintenance of single server systems, complex IT infrastructures, or whole data centers by using LOGINventory. Our network inventory solution is your ideal partner for procurement, installation, operation, support, and maintenance of your network components, and is also suitable for IT documentation by offering a variety of reporting, monitoring, and visualization possibilities. Our IT asset management (ITAM) solution works agentless, and gathers data from Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices, and also all SNMP-capable devices. You will always know which software was installed at which device in which version and also which hardware or configuration did change by looking at our tool’s excellent changelogs.

All this information can also be used in the included LOGINventory License Management and helps you face calmly every upcoming software audit. Our inventory software helps you exceed administrative and strategical objectives and you will own today the solution for tomorrow’s challenges. Its quick and easy installation lets LOGINventory be ready to use within minutes.


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Netwerk Inventory with LOGINventory

Unique, innovative features, such as inventory of devices outside a LAN (e.g. laptops or DMZ servers), provide a base for a broad IT asset management (ITAM) that works local or across locations.

Fast and reliable

An intelligent control and parallel queries let the query module LOGINquiry reliably discover the data of hundreds of assets per minute. Among these are Windows computers, SNMP clients as network print servers, routers and switches; SSH clients as Linux and Mac computers; Exchange organizations (mailboxes and databases); mobile devices (Active Sync); vSpehre (ESXi); XenApp and XenServer.

The inventory can be controlled and automated via Windows Task Scheduler. LOGINventory requires very little bandwidth, even if the amount of inventoried data is vast. Additionally, data may be gathered in a decentralized way, for example via logon script or by using our Offline Agent (http(s) or ftp for mobile clients).


LOGINquiry stores the collected results as encrypted files in a configurable directory. Even while the inventory is made via logon script or USB stick, the result files will be put in this directory.

The module LOGINsert makes an intelligent data evaluation, compares the results with before inventoried data and in this way produces an informative change history. Of course, it is possible to run LOGINventory at geographically distributed sites. The data may be gathered and evaluated both locally and/or decentralized.

Clear and Flexible

The point is not to get as much data as possible. The idea is to get the most accurate information about specific contexts. The LOGINventory Management Center enables you to evaluate the data with great care, flexibility and overview. For your purposes you can use tools such as the query editor, reports, the topology viewer and special widgets. You may individually assign your assets with custom properties, e.g. site, location, room number or cost center. Query data can be handed down or cascaded to make classical scenarios become visible such as differentiation per site. Also, you can reproduce entire query structures between various sites to minimize administration efforts.


Our license management enables you to thoroughly display nearly every license constellation. Software products are classified by versions and show you upgrade, downgrade and even crossgrade paths. Without additional expenses and efforts, the typical and flexible LOGINventory architecture lets the license management be easily distributed to different sites and locations.

Benefits of Network Inventory with LOGINventory

  • Minimum installation and maintenance efforts because of agentless mode of operation
  • Fast overview of your whole network as well as software and hardware inventory
  • Create own queries/ analyses in order to gather information that is important for you
  • Track changes of hardware and software, e.g. to support the helpdesk
  • Create reports in order to document your IT